Ambassador Programme

Learn more about our amazing NZIIU Student Ambassadors

About the NZIIU Ambassador Programme

The NZIIU Ambassador Programme was created to recognise outstanding students who embody the spirit of exchange, and have proven themselves to be dedicated, diligent and generous of heart. Going on exchange is a privilege, as well as an incredible tradition for fostering greater cultural understanding between countries.

International exchange is only able to continue thanks to the efforts of role-model students who help to ensure schools and host families overseas will keep opening their doors to exchange students in years to come. Our Student Ambassadors have a passion for sharing their experiences while they are on exchange, and also contribute to the exchange community in New Zealand by encouraging and supporting future students.

For exceptional students who absolutely blow us away at the interview stage, and who are in need of financial assistance to achieve their goal of going on exchange, we also offer a limited number of NZIIU Ambassador Scholarships. To find out more about our scholarship opportunities, click here.

How do students become Ambassadors?

In order to become an NZIIU Ambassador, students will need to have demonstrated their ability to think outside the square and be motivated to share their exchange experience with other students in New Zealand. This could be through writing a blog during their exchange, sharing photos or informative videos through social media, or even doing presentations to their school or in the local community.

Students who become an NZIIU Student Ambassador conduct themselves appropriately at all times while on exchange, and go that extra step to participate in their host community. They’re students who form strong bonds with their school mates, teachers, and host family to build lasting relationships and leave a strong, lasting positive impression wherever they go on exchange.


What do our ambassadors do?

Our NZIIU Student Ambassadors actively strive to promote going on exchange before, during and after their exchange. Here are a few examples:

  • They proudly represent New Zealand and share kiwi culture overseas while on exchange
  • They share their experiences online during their exchange via blogging and social media
  • They participate in our NZIIU events, particularly at our ‘Meet the Ambassador’ events, where we invite them to support our students who are currently preparing to go on exchanges
  • They share their experiences and advice through a presentation or a Q+A session at our in-person and online events
  • They actively promote exchange at their school through presenting to their classmates (or even at a full school assembly!)

Benefits of becoming an Ambassador

  • Gain confidence while having the chance to express themselves through a range of mediums, whether digitally or in-person
  • Belong to a group of other like-minded NZIIU alumni, and share your stories and experiences
  • Gain experience supporting students at our events, as well as sharing your advice and presenting to an audience
  • Give back to the exchange movement in New Zealand, and encourage future students to go on exchange
  • Have an exciting role to put on your CV for future opportunities.

Abigail (USA)

Abigail immersed herself in the local community on her semester exchange to the USA.

Toby (Argentina)

Toby had an incredible time in Argentina on his semester exchange.

Tom (France)

Tom went on a 6-month exchange to France and is planning on pursuing maths, physics and economics.

Emily (Spain)

Emily experienced life in Spain over the European winter.

Ann (Japan)

Ann went on a 5-month exchange to Gifu, Japan. She hopes to go back to Japan one day.

Matt (UK)

Matt reconnected with his family roots on his exchange to the south of England.

Jamie (Italy)

Jamie had an amazing academic year exchange in Italy.

Bea (Japan + France)

Bea is one of our unique students who experienced two exchanges with NZIIU, one to Japan and one to France.