Hosting a student in NZ

We are always looking for warm, welcoming host families.

If you’re interested in hosting, please complete our host family application form. Hosting opportunities may be short-term (a few days or weeks) or up to one year.

What is hosting?

We believe that the best way to learn another language and culture is by complete immersion. Rather than being treated as a guest, we ask that students be treated as a member of the family – participating fully in their host family’s life. We are committed to providing students with outstanding, quality host families.

All potential host families will be subject to an in-home interview, preferably with all family members present to ensure suitability of both the host family and their home. All family members aged 18 years and over will be required to undergo police vetting. Our coordinators will provide support to host families and students throughout the duration of the programme.

What we're looking for?

Families who:

  • Have a genuine interest in learning about other cultures
  • Have enough time for appropriate supervision and regular interaction with the student
  • Are willing to promote New Zealand's culture and lifestyle
  • Consist of at least two related family members
  • Use English as their first language
  • Will provide three meals per day including a packed lunch on school days
  • Can preferably provide a student with their own bedroom
  • Can provide two character referees to support their application

Short-term hosting

Our short-term students are generally from Japan and Thailand and are part of groups visiting New Zealand. The groups tend to stay for 1-4 weeks. Short-term host families are paid market hosting fees.

Long term hosting

Our long-term exchange students are generally from Japan and Thailand, but we also welcome students from France, Italy, Germany, and other parts of Europe or Asia. The students tend to stay for three months or one year. Long-term host families are paid a contribution to help cover costs.